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Born in 1958 near Detroit, Madonna Ciccone was the eldest daughter of her engineer father and housewife mother's eight children. (Madonna's mother died of cancer when she was six.) The plucky girl exhibited a showbiz flair at a young age and signed up for such artistic outlets as school shows, the cheerleading squad, piano lessons, and ballet classes. Madonna's dancing skills earned her a scholarship to attend the University of Michigan. In 1978, two years into her college studies, Madonna grew impatient for stardom, dropped out, and moved to New York. Legend has it that she set down in Times Square with only $35 and abundant ambition to her name. learn more

Green Day
Out of all the post-Nirvana American alternative bands to break into the pop mainstream, Green Day were second only to Pearl Jam in terms of influence. At their core, Green Day were simply punk revivalists, recharging the energy of speedy, catchy three-chord punk-pop songs. Though their music wasn't particularly innovative, they brought the sound of late-'70s punk to a new, younger generation with Dookie, their 1994 major-label debut. Green Day weren't able to sustain their success -- Dookie sold over eight million, while its follow-up, Insomniac, only sold a quarter of its predecessor -- yet their influence was far-reaching because they opened the doors for a flood of American neo-punk, punk metal, and third wave ska revivalists. learn more

Dave Matthews Band
The South African vocalist/guitarist Dave Matthews formed the Dave Matthews Band in Virginia in the early '90s. Featuring Matthews , Stefan Lessard, Leroi Moore, Boyd Tinsley , and Carter Beauford , the group's music presents a more pop-oriented version of the Grateful Dead crossed with the worldbeat explorations of Paul Simon and Sting . The band built up a strong word-of-mouth following in the early '90s by touring the country constantly, concentrating on college campuses. In addition to amassing a sizable following, their self-released album Remember Two Things sold well for an independent release; soon, they were attracting the attention of majors. Signing with RCA, the Dave Matthews Band released their major-label debut, Under the Table and Dreaming, in the fall of 1994. By spring of 1995, the record had launched the hit single "What Would You Say" and sold over a million copies. learn more

Linkin Park
Linkin Park is a truly unique band. They are not just Rock, Rap, or Electronica band. They comprimise of a veritable mixture of different styles and stylists in music, This makes them a hybrid in the type of music theyplay and their fan-base too. We are true lovers of Linkin Park. Linkin Park's origin began in 1996 when rapper guitarist Brad Delson and the infamouis Mike Shinoda started a band called Xero. Other members of the band were Mark Wakefield the vocalist, Joseph Hahn the DJ, Rob Bourdon the drummer, and "Phoenix" Farrell the bassist. Xero made a four track demo tape including: Fuse, Stick N' Move, Rhinestone, and Reading My Eyes. learn more

Destiny's Child
This urban R&B quartet was formed by Beyonce Knowles (b. 4 September 1981, Houston, Texas, USA), LeToya Luckett (b. 11 March 1981, Houston, Texas, USA), LaTavia Roberson (b. 1 November 1981, Houston, Texas, USA) and Kelendria Rowland (b. 11 February 1981, Houston, Texas, USA). Knowles and Roberson first began singing together when they were only 10 years old. Rowland joined the duo in 1992, with Luckett completing the line-up the following year. The quartet adopted their biblically inspired name from a chapter in the Book Of Isaiah. Knowles' father became their manager and set about grooming the quartet for success. They gained a strong local following with their street cool image. learn more

Britney Spears
Britney Jean Spears was born December 2, 1981 in Kentwood Louisiana and has grown to become the most popular celebrity on the planet. According to her mom, Lynne, Britney was a very sweet and lovable baby. She started talking early and she also started showing her talent! Lynne says that as soon as Britney got to her feet for her first toddling steps, she became interested in music. Little Britney learned to dance as soon as she was steady on her feet, and her love of music helped her learn her steps. She studied at the prestigious Off-Broadway Dance Center and at the Professional Performing Arts School. During this time in her life, Britney's face became familiar to the public, even if her name wasn't. She appeared in several national commercials. She also was a part of some Off-Broadway productions including 1991's Ruthless, based on the 1956 thriller The Bad Seed. Britney says she enjoyed. learn more

Detroit MC Marshall Mathers (a.k.a. Eminem) released his debut 12" as one half of the two man crew, Soul Intent, and soon after released his '96 debut album, Infinite, featuring members of his crew, The Dirty Dozen. After being featured in The Source's Unsigned Hype column in '98, Eminem further made his name by dropping verses on indie singles by artists like Shabaam Sahdeeq and OldWorlDisorder. By the time he released his "Just Don't Give a Fuck" 12" and Slim Shady EP, Eminem was an underground sensation. Eminem's solid reputation as a lyricist earned him the respect of the powerful Dr. Dre, who signed him to his Aftermath label. Eminem's debut on Aftermath, The Slim Shady LP, hit No. 2 on the Billboard album charts within weeks of its release thanks to the breakthrough success of the single "My Name Is." learn more

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson is bright, beautiful and blessed. She possesses a voice that is capable of expressing the heartache of first love and the wondrous possibilities of an everlasting tomorrow. Her live shows have been marked by a youthful exuberance coupled with a seasoned professionalism that belies her 19 years. In an era of pre-fabricated wind-up divas, she is refreshingly honest, remarkably focused and positive, and true to her self, her beliefs and her heart. She is Jessica Simpson and Sweet Kisses, her Columbia Records debut, is an appealing and satisfying blend of pop, R&B and gospel-infused music that heralds the emergence of a bright. learn more

Christina Aguilera
Christina Maria Aguilera is perhaps the most talented of the recent Disney mouse ear wearing bunch to hit the music scene. Her debut album Christina Aguilera rocketed to the #1 position in its initial week, outshining hip-hop icon Puff Daddy, selling over 250,000 copies. In listening to her talented range, it sometimes is difficult to believe this diva was only born on December 18th, 1980. Christina began performing even as a child. Born in Staten Island, New Jersey and raised in Wexford, Pennsylvania, Christina was singing the national anthem at a variety of events in her hometown area. And at the age of 9, Christina appeared on Star Search, only to leave empty handed (what little did they know!). A few years later, Aguilera landed a role on the Mickey Mouse Club. From there, Christina went on to sing Reflection for the Disney movie Mulan, which got her a nomination for a Golden Globe award in 1998. Then, Aguilera began recording her debut album with RCA. The subsequent release of the single Genie in a Bottle caused an explosion of interest in the singer, with the single selling 500,000 copies and hitting #1 in the charts. Absent through Christina's rise to the top was her father Fausto, whom until January of 2000 she hadn't seen for 12 years. Aguilera has made claims that she is a victim of domestic violence according to recent National Enquirer reports, a charge which her grandfather angrily denies. Christina's friend Ashley Hickcox though claims the story is indeed true. learn more

'N Sync
What do 19-year-old Lance Bass from Mississippi, 22-year-old D.C native JC Chasez, 21-year-old Joey Fatone Jr. of New York, 26-year-old Pittsburgh native Chris Kirkpatrick, and 18-year-old Justin Timberlake of Memphis all have in common? They make up one of the hottest dance-pop vocal groups ever. These five boys from all over the United States met in Orlando Florida, where the Backstreet Boys also originated. learn more

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